TAP Jamaica 2011: Success!

By | August 13, 2011


What a successful year this was for the TAP Jamaica 2011 Project! The TAP Team has been back now for almost 3 weeks and like always, so many of the Canadian and Jamaican participants have been changed by the experience. We were blessed with extraordinary participants and team members who had so much talent. Before I continue, let me stop and thank our family, friends and donors for their support throughout this journey. We would not have been able to run such a great program without YOU. You have helped make this dream a reality for so many participants!

TAP Team (missing: Michael, Ayan and Steve)

Here are a few highlights from the program…

This year, we enhanced the program with two new art disciplines – Film/Photography and Culinary. Over the years, both have been present but have not been highlighted in the workshops. The Film/Photography Program was offered to only two participants (as a Pilot) who had the opportunity to have one-on-one training with TAP Team members and became the TAP Film Crew, documenting the activities and capturing moments throughout the program.

In the Culinary workshop, a total of 7 “chefs” were born! They learned cooking techniques and helped to prepare the meals for the rest of the participants. At the end of the program, the Visual Art workshop presented the culinary students with a personalized cover for their cookbooks.

Culinary students preparing lunch

Our Canadian/American Team was filled with many volunteers who were able to offer some unique workshops including graffiti, rapping, gymnastics, weaving, songwriting, skateboarding, electronic sound production, knitting, and more! Jamaican youth caught on to these artforms fast and had SO much fun participating!

One of the biggest highlights of the year was the introduction of the FIT (Facilitator-in-Training) Team. The objective of the FIT Team was to train some senior participants who have demonstrated a passion for the arts and leadership skills during a previous program (Canadian and Jamaican) and throughout the year. This program provided the opportunity for 11 participants to co-facilitate in the various art forms including Dance, Theatre, Creative Writing, Music and Visual Art with TAP Team members while also engaging in conflict resolution and leadership seminars based around The Art of Communication, the theme of this year’s program. The FIT Program was very successful and we hope to continue developing the leadership and facilitation skills of our participants all year!

FIT Team members, Jo-Dean and Kaydeen, working on monologues for their Theatre workshop

As a result of the FIT Program, 5 of our participants have “graduated” from the program and will be joining the TAP Team in 2012 as Facilitators, where they will be developing and implementing arts workshops of their own. Their contribution to the overall program really raised the bar for the rest of the participants and we look forward to plugging them in to some local and international activities throughout the year, representing the organization on the ground in Jamaica as TAP Ambassadors.

Check out what Jo-Dean Tapper, one of TAP’s FIT Team graduates, had to say below about this year’s program and the overall impact TAP has had on her life. Jo-Dean is entering her third year of a Dramatic Arts degree at the Edna Manley School of Visual and Performing Arts on a TAP Scholarship and has been involved in the TAP Jamaica Project since the Pilot in 2007. This year Jo-Dean played an integral role in her workshops (Theatre and Creative Writing) and demonstrated her leadership skills throughout the program.

I really appreciated TAP for what it was this year…I definitely and positively know that TAP is where my heart and soul is right now. I see so much things happening for TAP and that we can come together as a team to accomplish…I am afraid that if we don’t just go ahead and make these ideas come to life, then someone, some gifted and talented child out there, will not be able to get that wonderful opportunity that Shaneil* and I got. So I think that I owe it to myself and all the other kids out there like myself to just continue making TAP a lifelong project…and know that the sky is the limit for the team.

*Shaneil also received a TAP Scholarship to attend Edna Manley in the Dramatic Arts degree program.

TAP Jamaica Project 2011

Check back soon for more testimonials from participants (including Shaneil) and highlights from the program!

Keep reading, and we’ll keep writing!

Much love…


jermaine streete on August 26, 2011 at 2:02 am.

i am so happy i did take part of tap in 2007 because i stared to look at life in a different way i have never did be4,tap have make me a bigger an better person i am today,my life as never bin di say from di first year of tap,i have grow to become someone more than participants but a family an a great leader to all the kids an the canadians participants,i love an enjoy even moment an years i spent at portland with my team,i wish people all over the world can see the work that we all have done for youths here in jamacia an can do the same for any other child all over the world who need some one just to show them the way life is suppose to be,i love tap an my wonderful family i have bin with over the years,i could never fine my self if its was not for tap,an if there is any other ovt there like me then u need to be apart of tap so u can also see an fine ur way to better person that u or today,T.A.P.IS THE WAY TO GO..LOVE AN MISS U ALL WITH ALL MY HEART.


Penny Stull on August 24, 2011 at 2:02 am.

What a fantastic overview of the 2011 program! It was such an honour to have been involved this year. I miss all the participants tremendously. You are daily in my thoughts. Much love goes out to all the Canadian team too!


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